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Zirconium (Porcelain Coating)

Zirconium (Porcelain Coating)

Zirconium (Porcelain Coating); Metal substructure is used in classical porcelain crown and bridge prosthesis. In zirconium porcelain, zirconium is used instead of metal as a white alloy. Zirconium porcelain was used as an alternative since metal substructures were not compatible with gingiva and did not give good results.

Advantages of Zirconium

– Light permeability is close to natural teeth. Taste disturbance in metal substructures does not occur in zirconium porcelain

– Zirconium does not corrode in the mouth. It doesn’t cause infection in your gums.

-Metric color does not occur in the porcelain porcelain glue porcelain glue porcelain. Zirconium porcelain care is the same as our own natural teeth. It is necessary to brush and floss twice a day.


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