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Orthodontics ; Are your teeth split? They can make peace. It is a branch of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of perplexed teeth and incompatible jaw relations of children and adult individuals. In recent years, transparent plaques, which have been used as an infertility treatment with the increasing aesthetic demands of individuals, have been started to be used in orthodontic treatment.


Transparent plates are plug-in appliances that allow the correction of tooth curvature without wire insertion. In the clinic, the measurements taken from the patient are transferred to the computer environment by 3D scanning method. Special transparent plates are produced. Each plaque forms a 0.5mm-1mm motion. The plates are attached for 15 days. Then switch to the other plate. The patient should wear the plaques every day for at least 18 hours.

Advantages of Transparent Plates

– They are not noticeable from the outside because they are transparent.

-When requested, they can be removed (eating)

– Clean is easy. Does not create a bad breath. Can anyone install transparent plates? Transparent plaque treatment can be applied in children and adults. Medium and light tooth densities can be corrected with a transparent plate.

Dental prosthesis

Aesthetics In dentistry, denture teeth are the appliances that help to preserve the health of the existing tissues while restoring the aesthetics, chewing functions, speech and aesthetics of the lost teeth and tissues. We can evaluate the prostheses in two different classes as fixed and movable prostheses. Fixed dentures can be used as crowns and bridges, which can be called full metal, metal-supported porcelain teeth or full porcelain teeth according to the materials used in their productions. Movable prostheses can be named in different ways according to their different characteristics.

  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Immediate (temporary) dentures
  • Overdentures (dental or implant) prostheses

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