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What is Implant?

The implant is artificial tooth roots made of titanium, which are placed in the jawbone instead of the teeth lost anywhere. In implant application, the aim is to repeat the aesthetic and function of the lost teeth. Implant application is performed under local anesthesia in the surgery environment. Implant application can be performed with the conscious conscious sedation application which is the fear of dentist and needle. Conscious sedation is a deep sleep state by connecting the patient to the drugs given by the vein. Sedation application by performing the consciousness is clear, you can hear the dentist saying, you can do by applying.

Implant Application How?

Implant application is planned to be performed clinically and radiologically. Local anesthesia is applied to the implant site. The appropriate size and diameter of the implant is placed in the jaw bone. The implant is implanted in the implanted area and the implant is covered. After 1 week of implantation, sutures are taken, after implantation, the implant is expected to be 2-4 months in the lower jaw and 4-6 in the upper jaw to fuse to the jawbone. After the time required for the implant to boil with the bone, the superstructure stage is started. Under local anesthesia, the gum on the implant is opened and the healing head is attached to the implant. Waiting for one week to measure the size of the porcelain teeth on the implant is taken.

What are the advantages of implant?

  • The jawbone following tooth extraction starts to melt. Implant application prevents bone loss. In this way, the aesthetics of the prosthesis will be improved. Ingestion of the gum in the missing tooth area is prevented.
  • In traditional bridge applications, cutting of teeth adjacent to the missing tooth area is prevented.
  • With multiple implant applications, patients are prevented from using removable prosthesis. Thus, the patient’s bone loss is prevented and an aesthetic appearance is provided. The patient is provided with natural bite and chewing

. • Implants on the implant with prosthesis removes the patient ‘s prosthetics. Thus, patients can easily chew hard food like apples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the body reject the implant?

 Answer: implants are made of titanium alloy that is compatible with the body. The most common causes of implant loss are systemic systemic disorders (such as diabetes and so on) that patients do not pay attention to their oral care.

Question: Can anyone be implanted?

Answer: All patients with good general health may be implanted. In order to complete bone development in young people, it is appropriate to wait for boys between the ages of 17 and 18 in girls aged 16-17.

 Question: Will I experience pain during and after implantation?

 Answer: Implant application is performed under local anesthesia in the practice. The patient does not feel any pain when implanting. If the patient applies the dentist’s advice after the implant, the patient will be comfortable after the operation. After the operation, the patient is given ice compressors and drugs to prevent swelling and pain. After the operation, all tobacco products should not be consumed for 2 days.

Question: How long does the implant last?

 Answer: The success rate of implant application is above 98%. In order for the implant life to be long, patients should make regular oral care and should not disrupt their controls.

Question: Are the implants difficult to maintain?

Answer: Implant care is no different from our own teeth. It is necessary to brush and floss regularly every day.


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