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Channel Treatment

Channel Treatment

Channel Treatment; It is the treatment method in cases where the nerve (pulp) is damaged or died due to caries or trauma.

When is canal treatment?

– Advanced bruises to the nerve of the tooth

– A blow to the mouth or chin

-In advanced gingival diseases

-In cases where the tooth has lost its vitality due to excessive force to the teeth as a result of dental treatment

– Elimination of advanced sensitivity

How make is root treatment?

– Anesthesia is performed to prevent pain in the patient

– The bruise is cleared and the nerve is reached

– Nerves and tissues in tooth root

– Expand and wash channels up to the tip

-Canals are filled and filled with filling

Channel Treatment How many sessions last?

The canal treatment can be performed in one session or in several sessions. The number of sessions increases in inflamed teeth.

 Is Canal Treatment Painful?

The patient does not experience any pain because of local anesthesia during canal treatment. Can use painkillers for mild sensitivities after treatment


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